New in Budapest! Install free solar panels and start saving on your energy bills.

Solar energy for everyone

We want to make solar energy possible for everyone. That is why we install the solar panels for free and you only pay for the generated electricity. So you no longer buy energy from a polluting energy supplier, but you are going to do it yourself. Make your choice for sustainable energy! Together we pass on the earth cleaner to future generations.

Save up to 15%

You can save enormously on your energy costs with solar energy from your own roof. The price for the solar power is always below the rate for the polluting electricity from the large energy suppliers. This way you can immediately save on your monthly costs. With our offer you take matters into your own hands and you make renewable energy yourself.

Without investing

This sounds crazy, but it really is possible. We pay your solar panels and put them on your roof. Your energy costs are so low that you pay back the investment of the panels. For fifteen years we provide all service and maintenance. After the solar panels are completely yours, while you can still enjoy the electricity yield for at least another 15 years without paying anything.

Help speed up the energy transition

Climate change is currently a problem and renewable energy is the solution to say goodbye to fossil fuels. By switching to your own solar energy, you contribute to this energy transition. This way we can ultimately make the difference for current and future generations. That is our dream.

Get a free quote

We like to see if your roof is suitable

Our specialists are ready to make a proposal based on your situation.

Most roofs are suitable if you own your house. Do you have a rental flat? Ask your landlord if we may contact him.

Once you have filled in your details via our application form, we will contact you as soon as possible by telephone. We then discuss your wishes and situation together, such as your roof area and energy consumption. We process the outcome of this conversation in a tailor-made offer in which we show yield calculations for the next 15 and 30 years.

Once you've decided to become a customer with Solarsociety we will take care of every detail, so that you can enjoy the sun without worries!

Is your roof not located in Budapest?

Then we can not help you for the time being. Do you still want free solar panels on your roof? Let us know where you live and we will keep you informed.

Solarsociety is the new sustainable energy company in Budapest.

"At Solarsociety we think that everyone should be able to choose energy from the sun. That's why we want everyone to experience that generating their own energy with solar panels is affordable, easy and fun!"

Curious about the benefits of solar energy for your situation? Feel free to contact us for an enthusiastic conversation.

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